Michelle Obama: Style Evolution

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Michelle Obama has had many show-stopping style moments over the years, and you can see them all here...

Michelle Obama has had many a show-stopping style moment during her time as the First Lady of America, and has become quite the fashion icon in the eyes of the world. In our opinion, she’s been nailing it in the style stakes from day one.

Michelle is a seriously wise woman, giving us some of the best life lessons out there, and what’s more, she and Barack Obama are well known for being one of the realest couples around – take a look back at their sweetest couple photos of all time. We defy you not to feel a little warm and fuzzy.

As her husband, President Barack Obama’s time in office draws to a close, we round up all of the times she was out style hero. First up we have the amazing royal blue dress she wore to this year’s Democratic National Convention in Pennsylvania, which is where she gave that kick ass speech everyone is still talking about.

It’s clear from looking at her style evolution that Michelle can pretty much wear any colour she likes and still look amazing (oh, the envy). She’s pretty fearless when it comes to her wardrobe, whether she’s keeping it simple when it comes to colour, or going all out with bold patterns and prints. Whether her gowns are long or short, she always looks amazing.

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