6 lip plumpers that actually work

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No need for injections

Do you want to put your mouth in a suction cup? Because we certainly don’t. Can you imagine? Putting something over your lips that sucks all the blood to the surface to make them appear swollen? Grim. But lip pencil can only take you so far. And we’re not quite ready to lie on the surgeons table and get lip injections. So, the obvious solution? To find the best lip plumpers out there.

Blame it on the models of the moment or call it the Kylie Jenner effect, either way, a plump pout is on almost everyone’s wish list. And according to Instagram, people will go to any lengths to make their lips look bigger. Take, for example, one beauty blogger’s recent dabble with wasabi. After noticing that her lips tingled when they touched wasabi, she decided to do a tutorial about how to make your lips plumper by rubbing them with… you guessed it, wasabi.

Problem is, when we tried it, it didn’t last quite long enough. So back to the drawing board we went.

Luckily, these days, there are so many lip plumping products on the market, you can play around until you find the right one for your skin type. Some use ingredients like, glycerin to help hold more moisture on your lips, while others spice up your life with things like cinnamon oil, which mixes with the natural compounds in your skin to create an almost irritated effect (that doesn’t hurt).

So before you resort to something you may regret in the near future, try one of these hero lip plumpers.



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