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Blonde hairstyles: Your guide to getting it just right…

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Blonde hair comes in so many different shades where do you start? Step forward Marie Claire's colour expert...

Blonde hairstyles never seems to loose their appeal. If you are thinking of going blonde – or you’re already there and need a juzh – you need an expert to guide you and help you get it just right. Step forward colour expert Michael Kelly at Taylor Taylor London, who is here to guide you through everything about going blonde, from what’s hot, to how to nail it.

‘What’s current now (and forever will be) is hair that looks as though it’s been naturally sunkissed and leaves the untrained eye asking ‘has she or hasn’t she?’. For blondes it’s all about ‘lived in colour’ that looks believable and not too contrived.

Whether it’s honey-wheat hues or creamy blondes, the colour should flow from a lighter face frame using babylights (the technique where you take fine picked weaves and mimic an effect similar to children’s hairlines), to cascading lengths of ever so slightly lighter balayage. Importantly, keep the blonde you choose by using the right shampoos – find yours here.

The key to great blonde hairstyles is to work with the natural colour on the parting to allow for an organic texture that doesn’t look stripy. Working a few pieces of finesse balayage (finer strands of freehand that creates pops of light) around the face can also give you that ‘halo effect’ that can soften skin tones and illuminate features.  This really is about making your colour work for you.

If you are feeling brave platinum blonde is trending big time. The new way to do it? It’s all about the all over bleach and a root shadow. How does it work? You start in the traditional way with a full bleach, lifting the hair all over and leaving no trace of natural tone at all. Then, when it comes round to toning, you do something a little different, you drop the base level one shade deeper at the roots and then tone the remaining hair with the lighter tone. This allows for a more natural feel and, by leaving the root ever so slightly deeper, you make the rest of the hair look even brighter.

Move over pastel pinks or pale peaches as this season’s biggest trend in creative colour is greys. Lighter blondes should opt for a slate or sand tone and for deeper blondes, try gunmetal grey. The key to success with greys is to keep them cool and earthy. Steer away from anything too purple or too blue. They are easy to maintain at home too just by using a silver-based shampoo and conditioner or, even better, by asking your colourist to custom blend a colour conditioner that’s bespoke for you. Remember the more often you wash your hair, the quicker the colour will fade so use a dry shampoo on your non-wash days to preserve those cool hues.’

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