This career trend has spiked by 24,536% since Emily in Paris

Quelle surprise!

Emily in Paris
(Image credit: Netflix)

Emily in Paris season three landed on Netflix earlier this year, with the show's third instalment reinvigorating our love of croissants, berets and all things styled by Patricia Field. 

But while the buzz mainly centres around the fan favourite characters (Lucien Laviscount, we're looking at you), it has also affected the world of work, going on to actually spike a career trend that is still very much a thing today.

Yes, really. It seems viewers were so captivated by Emily's Champagne, macaron and Manolo lifestyle, that searches around her glamorous job in digital marketing have soared.

According to some digging by the Movchan PR team, searches for 'digital marketing for beginners’ have risen by 24,536% in the UK. 

They also found that searches for ‘marketing jobs online’ have risen by 806%, with ‘online marketing courses for beginners’ and ‘marketing for beginners’ up by +1,500% and +369% respectively. 

Quelle surprise! We would retrain in digital marketing too if it meant wearing head to toe Giambattista Valli and Giuseppe Di Morabito.

Emily in Paris

(Image credit: Netflix)

It has been revealed recently however, by Nadya Movchan, Founder and PR Lead at Movchan PR, that Emily would never have been able to afford her luxury French lifestyle on a mid-level marketing salary.

"Emily would never be able to afford those outfits living solely off of her salary," explains Nadya Movchan. "According to Glassdoor, an average marketer’s pay in London is £44,371/yr, climbing to £65,031/yr for a leadership position. In Paris, the average marketer can expect to make €45,233/yr base pay. Sure, it’s comfortable, but it’s not a salary that would dress you head to toe in Prada."

In fact, research from New Casinos revealed how much Emily's lifestyle would actually cost - she apparently spends a whopping £60,719.07 over her annual income to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

Not magnifique news for those considering an Emily in Paris inspired career change, but still a fantastic job opportunity for those who have other reasons for making the pivot.

Bonne chance!

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