A sweet anecdote about Princess Diana at a fashion shoot has resurfaced and it's going viral

Princess Diana in a pink cardigan and gingham trousers sitting on the steps of Highgrove House
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Princess Diana was one of the most popular members of the royal family, known fondly as "the people's princess', and considered a trailblazer for her iconic style moments and tendency to rip up the royal rulebook.

And while the late Princess of Wales tragically died in 1997, she is still one of the most talked-about members of the fold, with her sons ensuring that her legacy lives on - through their continuation of her charity work, her daughters-in-law's fashion choices and in the middle names of her two granddaughters.

She is most remembered however for her kindness and determination to be human, even abandoning the royal protocol of wearing gloves so she could have direct contact with people that she met. She later went on to stop wearing hats, famously saying, "You can’t cuddle a child in a hat."

Princess Diana's depiction in the final season of Netflix's The Crown has resurfaced multiple anecdotes around the late Princess of Wales, with one in particular truly proving her to be the People’s Princess. 

Princess Diana wears a Moschino Houndstooth jacket and hat, while attending a Christening at Sandringham Church

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The anecdote in question came from Royal photographer David Bailey during a past appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show to promote his book Look Again. As he opened up about his career, Bailey touched on one particular incident with Princess Diana as a stand-out moment.

The photographer recalled a photoshoot with Princess Diana, explaining how one of his camera assistants had dropped a lighting umbrella on her head.

"One of my assistants dropped an umbrella light on her head," he explained, "[and] when she was leaving, she said, 'Which assistant dropped the umbrella on my head?' I said [pointing], 'It was her'."

According to David Bailey, Princess Diana was "very nice" about it.

"She went over to her and said, 'Don't worry' and was very nice and said it was just an accident."

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