The hilarious reason one royal staff hid from King Charles III

It wasn't a game of Hide and Seek

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It wasn't a game of Hide and Seek

Former royal butler, Grant Harrold was hired to work for the royals in 2003, after years of dreaming he would work for them.

After years of writing to the late Queen Elizabeth II - who tragically passed away on September 8, which was due to old age - and a six month interview process, Grant was hired.

Grant reminisced on his time with the royals on Slingo, he shared: "I’d had a dream from the age of 11 or 12 of meeting the Queen… I wrote to the Queen a couple of times, then in 2003 for whatever reason they finally came back to me saying there was a position.

"I had six months of interviews, I got to meet Prince Charles at the end of it and they offered me a job.

"I stayed with Charles for seven years. Some people say seven years isn’t a long time, but in the world of being a butler, seven years of having somebody in your house living with you, it’s quite intense.

"I was 25 when I first met the Prince and 26 when I first met the Queen, Prince Charles introduced me officially and that wasn’t nerve-racking at all. What do you say to the Queen? I’d been a fan of hers since I was 11 years old, ‘Oh, did you get my letters when I was 13?’"

Despite never having any major hiccups, he has recalled one moment when he hid from Prince Charles, now King Charles III.

Although Grant worked for Charles, 73, for seven years, in the early days he wasn't so au fait with the royal protocols, and panicked when he came face to face with the now King of England.

He shared: "I don’t remember messing anything up badly, I’m sure I broke the odd thing but I used to always tell people.

"I remember one time I bumped into the Prince and the Duchess in Scotland, I was quite new at the time and I didn’t know the protocol for when you see them, for instance whether you bow, so I panicked. I ended up diving into a cupboard. They saw me go into the cupboard and stood outside, eventually they asked if I was going to come out, I came out and they just looked at me and I pretended it was a mistake. They laughed it off and had a good giggle about that, but it showed me how relaxed it was, it was really nice."

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