One member of the royal family has already binge-watched Bridgerton

Can you guess who it is?

Royal family members who watch Bridgerton
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Members of the royal family often have very busy schedules, whether they are attending official royal engagements in the UK or travelling abroad. And while it might be strange to imagine them sitting on the sofa with a boxset and a takeaway, many of them do exactly that when they clock off. Just a few years ago, the Prince and Princess of Wales admitted that they love nothing more than watching Homeland and ordering a pizza, while the late Queen Elizabeth II was a secret fan of The Crown.

With the first instalment of Bridgerton season 3 landing on Netflix earlier this month, fans of the Regency drama were interested to know if any members of the royal family were tuning in to the show. And, it turns out, there's one royal in particular who has already watched all four episodes of the third season.

During an appearance at the RHS Chelsea Flower show last week, Queen Camilla shared that she has already caught up on the newest episodes of Bridgerton, which stars Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton as Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. As she visited a garden inspired by Nicola's character, she revealed: "I watched the first lot."

It seems that Camilla is well-versed in TV pop culture as it isn't the first time that she has admitted to watching a Netflix fan favourite. In 2022, she joked that Emerald Fennell - who played the Duchess of Cornwall in The Crown - was her 'fictional alter ego' and that she could step in and finish her speech if she were to 'fall off her perch'.

According to reports, Queen Camilla's home in Wiltshire - which she bought in 1996 - is her favourite place to get away from the pressures of royal life, and one source told The Express: "At Ray Mill she can sit down with a big G&T, kick off her shoes and watch Coronation Street, which Charles loathes. She also doesn’t have to bother about how the place looks – Charles is so fussy about tidiness, while she leaves her stuff all over the place. She doesn’t need her cushions plumped all the time."

Well, that's that!

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