The Royal Ascot has relaxed its strict dress code, so what will Kate Middleton wear?

It's getting hot in here...

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It's getting hot in here...

The Royal Ascot is undoubtedly one of the best summer events, with the outfits always taking centre stage.

This year, Princess Beatrice attended in a stunning floral dress (that's on sale). The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge however are yet to make an appearance. Instead, they spent their week attending the Grenfell Tower memorial, meeting with the England women’s football team, and holding government roundtables.

It is expected however that Kate and William will be attending on one of the days - and we're already excited about the Duchess of Cambridge's outfit.

This year, Ascot fashion has made particular headlines, as due to the extreme heatwave, the iconic horse race has relaxed its usually very strict dress code.

Today there is set to be highs of 33 degrees, so luckily those in charge have decided to ease up on the dress code and keep the crowd cool.

Ladies dress code

Here is a refresher of the ladies dress code:

  • Dress to be below the knee - modesty is key. The Queen may be in attendance after all!
  • Dresses need proper straps - nothing strapless, no spaghetti straps and definitely no halter necks.
  • If you wear a suit, it must be matching - Kate Middleton knows how to do this right, did you see her pink blazer suit?
  • Jumpsuits are allowed (yay) but must follow the above regulations.
  • Hats, yes. Headpiece (that is more than four inches), yes. Fascinators, no.

Gentlemen's dress code

It might just be the case that men do always have it easier when it comes to outfits. It is required the men wear black, grey or navy evening dress, including:

  • Waistcoat and tie, never a bow tie.
  • A black or grey top hat
  • Black shoes with socks

So, what has changed?

The Ascot race course is updating the changes constantly through their twitter account. If you are ready to go this weekend, here are the changes you need to know:

Last night the Berkshire based race course informed attendees that the dress code would be relaxed today.

"Due to forecast high temperatures tomorrow, following the arrival of the Royal Procession the dress code will be relaxed in all Enclosures."

Another rule was changed, due to the heatwave. "Due to high temperatures being expected, racegoers in all Enclosures are welcome to bring water and soft drinks into the Racecourse."

This morning, they reminded the crowd that the dress code will only be relaxed once the Royal procession has taken place.

At first, it was up to one's own interpretation how relaxed the dress code could be. This morning, the racecourse confirmed that hats and jackets can be removed once the Royals have passed.

We will continue to update this story.

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