Why the Queen just cancelled her trip to Northern Ireland

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  • Doctors have reassured that she is in "good spirits", despite the cancellation.

    The Queen has pulled out of a two-day visit to Northern Ireland at the instruction of her doctor, Royal officials have shared.

    Sadly, this means pulling out of her Royal commitments at short notice.

    Why? Again, according to officials, the Queen has a slight seasonal cold – much like many others in the UK at current.

    Buckingham Palace shared that doctors advised the Queen – who is 95-years-old – to rest for a few days, rather than travel.

    A spokesperson confirmed her to be in “good spirits” and also shared that she accepted the doctor’s orders “reluctantly.”

    They further said: “Her Majesty doesn’t know any pace other than full on and is used to being incredibly busy, especially of late.”

    “But perhaps it is in her best interests that she takes this time to rest and recuperate before she starts once again. There is certainly no cause for alarm.”

    She’s recuperating from her cold at Windsor Castle, where yesterday she was spotted walking her dogs – one of her favourite pastimes.

    Many concerned fans have questioned why she was walking outside – especially now the weather is colder –  when she is meant to be resting.

    This would imply that she has avoid a more serious case of flu, or the debilitating cold that seems to be affecting many in the UK at current.

    Just last week, she opened the Welsh Senedd in Cardiff – where she was overheard criticising world leaders about their lack of climate change action – and visited both Ascot and Westminster Abbey, where she was seen using a walking stick to assist her movement for the first time in public.

    Joe Little, Majesty magazine’s managing editor, says we may need to get used to this kind of behaviour from Her Majesty.

    He shared: “Unfortunately, I think this is just how it’s going to have to be from time to time.”

    “The fact that she has been busy and seemingly healthy and happy of late shows that clearly looks can be deceptive unless something has happened overnight.”

    “Mentally, the Queen is pin sharp as ever and when she makes speeches she speaks well – but you notice that the body is perhaps a little bit less so.”

    “Every now and again there will be this reminder that she is 95 and she can’t do what was expected of her 10, 20 years ago.”

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