Meghan Markle reveals the very sweet nickname her mother has for her

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Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle very rarely gives much away about family life, so this insight about her growing up and the nickname her mother, Doria, gave her is a real gem.

The Duchess, who recently admitted that she'd be happy if her children wanted to become actors, revealed all during the latest edition of her podcast, Archetypes.

Talking about nicknames with her guest, actor Michaela J Rodriguez, Meghan admitted that her mother called her 'flower' when growing up - and even though she is now 41, she still loves it when she calls her by her nickname.

The episode also features Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell, and along with Meghan they discuss 'expressing one’s identity and embracing the nuances that make each of us human.'

Meghan and Doria

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Talking about how childhood nicknames stick, Michaela said on the podcast: "As a child, you come up with nicknames but you don't know how much of an impact they have on other people. 

"And also how people get stuck in that nickname. They get stuck in the name that, you know, they've been calling you."

While the actress went on to confess: "My mom used to call me Bumper, when I was a child, she still slips up and calls me that today, which I have no problem with because, you know, who doesn't like being caught by their mom."

Knowing exactly what she meant Meghan agreed, saying: "Yes, exactly. My mom still calls me Flower."

While Michaela asked: "Don't you love it, though," With Meghan responding: "I do! I'll be a 41-year-old flower, that's fine."

Meghan is very close with her mother Doria, who attended the royal wedding and came to live with her at the Palace when Archie was born. According to sources, she did the same thing during the lockdown.

On the last episode of the podcast, Meghan said she was given some great advice after her wedding to Prince Harry. 

The Duchess of Sussex said that a 'very influential and inspiring woman' told her not to give up on her 'activism' after she got married.

The royal didn't name her but said: "She said to me: ‘I know that your life is changing but please don’t give up your activism. Don’t give up, because it means so much to women and girls.’” 

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