Kate Middleton's uncle warned about what he shares in Celebrity Big Brother

"Kate doesn’t need this stress."

Kate Middleton
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It was first reported that Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith could be heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house in late January, shortly after the Palace had shared that the Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery

At the time, a show insider claimed that producers had selected the London businessman - who is the younger brother of Kate's mum Carole - as 'he's confident and loud and won't hold back' and could 'give a fascinating insight into what it’s really like being related to the future King and Queen', as per The Sun

However, in recent weeks the Palace has been forced to issue a statement in response to what they have called 'wild conspiracy theories' regarding Kate's surgery and recovery. Many online have been speculating about the Princess' medical condition and her absence from public duties ahead of the surgery, though Kate had previously requested privacy while she recovers and the Palace reinforced that they would not be providing further updates upon her release from the London Clinic. 

Given that the Princess has been making headlines in recent weeks, her uncle's appearance on the show has only served to 'infuriate' family members even further. According to a source, Kate's parents Carole and Michael have warned Gary not to share personal information, telling the paper: "Gary said he’s been read the riot act by Kate’s mum Carole and her dad Michael. They aren’t happy he’s going into Celebrity Big Brother. It is infuriating for them. Kate doesn’t need this stress."

Journalist and royal biographer Angela Levin weighed in on Gary's Celebrity Big Brother appearance, explaining that he may have chosen to get involved in order to 'be heard' and could end up making comments about the royals that ultimately 'fall onto Catherine'. 

She explained: "The trouble is, he doesn't like Harry and Meghan at all, some of this comments will fall onto Catherine and she's had a lot against her, she's not well. I think when you come out of an operation you're quite vulnerable and this could upset her enormously.

"With these programmes is they don't remember there are cameras running all the time, and he could say something inappropriate and it can be quite dangerous. It's not appropriate behaviour really."

Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight Monday 4th March 2024, and airs on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm GMT.

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