Kate Middleton has opened up about the TV show that the royals all watch


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Kate Middleton is one of the most popular members of the royal family, beloved for her relatability and living as much of a normal life as possible.

This it seems extends to TV choices, with the Duchess recently revealing that she and the royals all watch one particular TV show - and it's extremely relatable.

The show in question? The Eurovision Song Contest.

Yes, really. Just when we thought Kate Middleton couldn't be any more relatable, the Duchess has revealed that she watches Eurovision.

This year saw Eurovision success for our country as Sam Ryder performed on behalf of Great Britain, coming in second place after Ukraine.

While performing at the Platinum Party at the Palace weeks later as part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, The Space Man singer met the royal family.

According to Ryder, Kate Middleton was "so sweet" and even told him "that the royal family had all been supporting me for a while and all throughout Eurovision."

The singer also met with Princess Beatrice, who he described as "just so lovely, and encouraging and supporting".

"What I gather is a lot of the members of the royal family had seen Eurovision and were supporting my song from home, which means a lot," he told People.

The Platinum Party at Buckingham Palace for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee saw stars from across the country showcase the best of British talent. Sam Ryder was followed by Diana Ross and Alicia Keys in their performances for the Queen to celebrate the 70 year milestone.

kate middleton eurovision

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Sam Ryder has since opened up about his Eurovision experience, describing it as "incredible"'

"It was so inspiring to get the encouragement from the royal family because they stand for such similar themes that Eurovision celebrates as well, like unity, togetherness, and solidarity," he recalled.

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The Queen was said to be "humbled and deeply touched" by the nation's celebrations for her Jubilee. And this week Her Majesty was back at work, continuing to wow fans in her Garter robes at Windsor castle.

Eurovision party at the palace next year?

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