Dominic West explains why Prince Harry no longer speaks to him

A little bit awks.

The Crown Princes Charles Dominic West
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It looks like Dominic West won't be flying out to visit the Sussexes in their Montecito mansion any time soon, after the actor revealed that Prince Harry is no longer talking to him. 

Dominic, who plays King (then Prince) Charles, in the sixth season of The Crown commented in a recent interview that although they used to get along—and have even travelled to the far corners of the world together—their relationship became somewhat frosty after Dominic made a faux pas at a press conference. The actor explained that he'd revealed some details about a trip they'd taken together to the South Pole for a charity trek in 2013—and the pair "lost touch" after that. 

When asked about his friendship with Harry by Times Radio (via The Independent), he said, "We sort of [lost touch as] I said too much in a press conference, and so we didn't speak after that. I think I was asked what we did to celebrate when we got there and probably said too much.”

(Image credit: Netflix)

While Dominic describes Harry as a "great guy'", he said that the Prince made "eye wateringly rude jokes" to celebrate reaching the landmark. “There was a lot of liquor drunk,” he told reporters, adding: “We all drank champagne out of Duncan’s favourite prosthetic legs.” 

Dominic has also recently revealed that during his time filming The Crown he was reprimanded by the on set etiquette expert for not eating asparagus properly. While generally, the royal family always use a knife and fork, when it comes to asparagus "posh people" eat it with their fingers.

Dominic has played Prince Charles in The Crown during its fifth and sixth season. He admitted that he was originally dubious about playing the role due to the implications it might have for his relationship with the royal family, however, ultimately he wanted the opportunity to take on such a challenging role. 

The actor told BBC Radio: "Someone like me can’t turn down a part like Charles. He’s so interesting. He’s so complex. I did agonise for a while about it, but my wife tells me the result was always inevitable."

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