There's been an arrest at Buckingham Palace just days before the Jubilee weekend

Here's why.

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Here's why.

In Royal news today, it's been confirmed that a trespasser was arrested after trying to get into Buckingham Palace.

On Sunday, a Royal fan was found trying to break in. They were swiftly arrested by guards. 

It's thought that they were keen to meet the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Speaking to guards, the trespasser is reported to have said: "I want to come in. I want to see the Queen."

The male, believed to be named Connor and be from Eastbourne, is thought to have walked through the Royal Mews vehicle gate as it opened for an authorised vehicle.

Yesterday, the Westminster Magistrates' Court heard how the 28-year-old refused to stop when challenged by members of staff. He managed to walk five metres into the Royal grounds before being quickly ushered out of the gate and arrested.

Connor has been charged with trespassing on a protected site. His defence Daniel Mullin has said his client “had no motive or desire to go further than he did" - despite Connor telling staff “I want to come in.” 

Mr Mullin has said: “This was at worst reckless and at best bordering on an accidental offence”, claiming that he did not use “stealth” and explaining that his client suffers from mental health issues. 

Connor has been awarded bail before the case continues on 28th June. One of the conditions states he will not be able to visit London unless for court purposes, which means he sadly won’t be catching sight of the Queen this weekend. 

Luckily, while this incident took place, HRH was not in Buckingham Palace. Instead The Queen was spending time at her Balmoral estate, taking time to relax ahead of the busy weekend. 

Celebrating 70 years on the throne this weekend, HRH has arrived safely in Windsor after her jet was forced to abort the landing.

The extended bank holiday starts tomorrow and looks set to be a very busy weekend. The Queen will begin with her late birthday celebrations, The Trooping of the Colour, and is thought to have the sweetest birthday plans with great granddaughter Lilibet, whom she will meet for the first time tomorrow.

What have you got planned for the long weekend?

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