The Queen banned this particular board game at Christmas after it became "too vicious"

No, it seems it's not just your family...

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No, it seems it's not just your family...

Christmas is finally here and with it comes yuletide, mince pies, mulled wine, and, well, board games, naturally, as the whole family comes together.

Whether it's Monopoly, Scrabble, or Trivial Pursuit, the festive season in my household is normally packed full of board game fun (and arguing, when someone inevitably loses or cheats).

In Royal news today, it appears that the Royal family is no different.

It's thought that, as a family, they're actually so competitive that HM The Queen has gone so far as to ban one board game entirely to prevent them from arguing about it or so reports The Express. Another member of the Royal family has shared that the board game became "too vicious."

Wondering which game it is that's off the cards in the Royal household?

A YouTube video - titled Royal Rule Book: The Royal Family's Strangest Rules - says: "The royals love a good game, but Monopoly is off the cards."

"Prince Andrew said it is banned as it gets too vicious."

Apparently, in December 2008, Prince Andrew attended Leeds Building Society’s newly-refurbished Albion Street headquarters.

It's thought that before he left, the Duke was gifted the property board game Monopoly as a token to mark his visit.

Interestingly, he declined the game and simply said: "We are not allowed to play Monopoly at home."

The Daily Telegraph then went on to explain why. Apparently, it can cause tension within the family, with Andrew adding that it "gets too vicious."

Who'd have known?

We wonder whether they play Cluedo, Pictionary and Rummikub, instead? What about chess, backgammon, and draughts?

The Royal family normally spends Christmas at Sandringham. They've had Christmas in Sandringham since 1988.

Do you have any board games that are totally off-limits in order to keep the family peace?

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