Your old underwear can save a life

Donate your old bras to charity

Have you got any old bras lying around that you never wear but haven’t got around to throwing away yet? Well, why not donate them to charity and save a life while you’re at it? 

Lingerie please have teamed up with Bag It Up and set themselves the target of collecting 200,000 bras in order to raise money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

There is huge demand for second-hand bras all over the world and so the donated lingerie will be shipped to West Africa and sold to traders there.

Not only will the old bras make a big difference to women all over the world, all the profits go straight to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is quite literally a lifesaver and relies on donations to keep the £7,200 per day service going.

Just in case you need another incentive, when you donate your unwanted lingerie, you’ll get a 10% off voucher to spend on the lingerie please site.

Click here for more information about the campaign.


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