Bags of Ethics and the Royal Forestry Society are joining forces to make positive change

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Introducing the Green Tree Badge, a landmark, nationwide initiative that is aiming to reach 1 million children across the country…

This month marks the start of a landmark, nationwide initiative, as the Royal Forestry Society and Bags of Ethics join forces to launch the Green Tree Badge.

The pioneering campaign aims to put trees and nature centre stage for children and their communities this year, with the vision that children are “the future planners, managers and custodians of our woodlands”.

Together with their families and communities, children up and down the country will take part in the Green Tree Badge challenge, broadening their interests and deepening their understanding about trees, forestry and the vital role that they plan in preserving the planet. And with an aim for 1 million children to participate in the initiative, it’s sure to have a major impact.

The challenge is available through an environmental activity book, which upon completion will earn children a Green Tree Badge, and in certain cases a special Gold Award.

Dr Sri Ram speaks at the launch of the Green Tree Badge

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The activation for the Green Tree Badge has been celebrated with ceremonies across the country, and with a host of high profile supporters from Ellie Goulding to Alice Beer, there seems to be no sign of slowing down.

In fact, the campaign is aiming to donate at least 5,000 copies of the Green Tree Badge activity book to primary schools in disadvantaged communities across the country.

Alice Beer, Danny Clarke and Smruti Sriram celebrate the launch of the Green Tree Badge

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“I have always been passionate about protecting the planet,” stated Smruti Sriram, Chief Executive of Bags of Ethics, the eco friendly label behind the Green Tree Badge. “We have built our business on the basis of promoting reusable products and the people who create them. As a mother, this has become even more important to me. I am therefore incredibly excited to be launching the Green Tree Badge with the Royal Forestry Society. Our mission is to inspire children of all backgrounds to better understand the world of trees - trees are often overlooked but they are wonderful giving us food, shelter, clean air and so much more.”

Clodagh McKenna and Millie Mackintosh celebrate the launch of the Green Tree Badge

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“Trees play a special and vital part in all our lives,” added their Chief Executive, Christopher Williams. “Now, more than ever we need to inspire the next generation to love, value and grow up wanting to care for them.

Lucy Siegle celebrates the Green Tree Badge

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“Trees are not just beautiful, individually and together. They also play an invaluable role in the fight against climate change. They lock up carbon as they grow and provide a whole range of environmental and economic benefits. By creating a series of fun activities leading to the Green Tree Badge we aim to give children a life-long love of trees.”

Tony Kirkham, Smruti Sriram and Christopher Williams at the launch of the Green Tree Badge

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