Women voters back Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's turnaround down to support from female voters

Hillary Clinton can thank female voters for her turnaround in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Now dubbed ‘the Comeback Kid’ – just as husband Bill was when he also won the New Hampshire Democratic primary – Mrs Clinton has made an unexpected comeback and its all down to women voters supporting in their droves.

Female voters were thin on the ground when the Iowa primary was decided last week and Hillary lost out to Barack Obama. However support from fellow women this week has led to Mrs Clinton being the first woman to win a presidential primary. The gender gap was clear with 57% of voters in the Democratic primary being women. Of these, 46% backed Mrs Clinton compared with only 34% for Barack Obama.

Her response yesterday will only continue to swell Mrs Clinton’s current support as she claimed to have ‘liberated’ women politicians.

Clinton aides talked down claims that her emotional appearance in a Portsmouth coffee shop on Monday may have helped her cause. Instead her advisors stated a more personal approach had led to the tide turning, with voters seeing the ‘real Hillary Clinton’.

In a TV interview yesterday Mrs Clinton spoke out for female politicians saying showing emotion often led to criticism: ‘Obviously we know what people will say, but maybe I have liberated us to actually let women be human beings in public life.’

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