The real reason women are better at shopping than men

Men now have a real excuse for ducking out of the weekly shop and leaving it to their other halves.

A scientific study has revealed that over many thousands of years evolution has designed women to outrival men when it comes to seeking out the most satisfying food.

The study carried out in California showed women are as good as men at navigating, but they only use these skills when hunting out food – and the more calorific the food, the better women are at tracking it down.

Experiments carried out on 45 men and 41 women at six large farmers’ markets showed that women were 27% more likely to remember where they bought a certain food from than men.

Women also did better finding high-calorie food, such as a doughnut compared with a stick of celery.

‘It was a dramatic effect,’ said Max Krasnow, a member of the research team. ‘Memory for the high-calorie foods like honey and avocados was as much as four times as accurate as memory for the low-calorie foods like cucumber and lettuce,’ he said.

But perhaps the argument over who should pick up the groceries is now redundant with the rise of internet food shopping, no one need step out the front door.

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