Want to make a difference? New book can show you how

Get ready to Make a Difference in Just One Day

With so much doom and gloom surrounding us, it can be hard to know how you can make a difference, but a new book entitled Make a Difference in Just One Day might just show you how.

A collection of diaries from people from all over the globe, as they strive to do their bit to make the world a better place, the book includes entries from some truly inspirational people, including ethical fashion designer May Cortazzi, musician Dave Stewart and even Marie Claire’s former editor, Marie O’Riordan.

The idea behind the personal insights is to ‘inspire you to action peace in your every day life,’ be it within your own community or family.

Even Sir Richard Branson is a huge fan of this self-help book with a twist.

He said, ‘Sometimes we tend to think of the world as a mad, bad or sad place but if we pause and open our eyes and minds we soon realise that there is also ‘good’ in the world with kindness love, compassion and a real concern for our fellow beings irrespective of their race, colour and religion. This goodness is what makes us truly human.

‘Make a Difference in Just One Day is full of people attempting what to many may seem impossible – to create a world of peace by taking one step themselves.’

And just in case the thought of a peaceful world wasn’t appealing enough, the book is completely free.

Simply click here to download your very own copy.

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