The McCanns launch 24-hour phone line

McCanns launch 24-hour phone line in bid to find Madeleine

KATE AND GERRY McCann are to launch a 24-hour phone line manned by private detectives in a continuing attempt to find their daughter Madeleine.

The McCanns will make an appeal on Spanish television for residents in Portugal, Spain and north Africa to get in touch with any information about their missing daughter.

They have chosen to focus on those areas as they believe they are the most likely places where Madeleine might be, according to their official spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.

This will be their first televised interview since the pair were made official suspects in the case to find the missing four-year-old. And once more the McCanns will say they think their daughter is still alive.

To maintain relationships with the Portuguese police the McCanns will also recognise the work carried out by the new head of the investigation, Paulo Rebelo.

Mr Mitchell said: ‘Kate and Gerry will reiterate their firm belief that Madeleine is still alive, and they will urge anyone with information, no matter how minor it may seem to them, to contact a newly-established, confidential 24-hour phone number operated by private detectives based in Spain.’

He added: ‘Their renewed appeal is being made with the full knowledge and support of the police in both Portugal and Spain.’

Anyone in Portugal, Spain and north Africa with any information should phone +34 902 300213.

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