Save the Children project sees new arrival

New birth at Save the Children's Kroo Bay project

Kroo Bay, the innovative new project set up by Save the Children, which reports on the lives of families in an impoverished area of Sierra Leone, has reported on the community’s latest birth.

Local woman, Kadiatu Bangura, 30, has just given birth to her fourth child, a healthy baby girl, weighing in at 3.3kg. Kadiatu’s new arrival is a bitter-sweet gift, after she lost her three-year-old boy Salu to malaria two years ago.

The village’s maternal and child health nurse, Bintu, was on hand to deliver the baby and is responsible for most of the baby deliveries in the Kroo Bay area.

Her job is a constant struggle as medical essentials like drugs and soap are hard to come by without financiall support. The delivery room is described as more of a store room, with no bed sheets or towels for new mothers.

‘I am always facing problems in doing my deliveries,’ explains Bintu. ‘We don’t have drugs for the patients or materials like bed sheets.’

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