Reduce spending to combat global warming

Changing our spending behaviour will combat global warming say scientists

Changing our spending behaviour and opting to enjoy more cultural and social interests will help combat global warming, scientists say.

A new report suggests greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 6% by 2015 if consumers cut their purchase of manufactured goods by just 10%. A 6% reduction of emissions is the equivalent to half the emissions from cars on the road in the UK today.

The report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research recommends we spend more on cultural activities rather than focus on purchasing material possessions. Encouragingly, the news means everyone can make a difference to reduce global warming, not just those who are able to install solar panels or roof windmills in their homes.

A commissioner for the report stated: ‘We are not suggesting that people should unnecessarily deny themselves the manufactured items that they need, but we are certainly asking them to consider the contribution they can make to the well-being of the planet by avoiding unnecessary purchases of such goods.’

He added: ‘The simple fact is that the pursuit of happiness gained from the purchase of manufactured goods involves far higher carbon emissions and much more use of scarce resources than less tangible forms of enjoyment.

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