Property sales obsession in UK is over

After years obsessing over house prices, now trend is to stay put

It seems impossible to open a newspaper or switch on the television without stumbling across news of rising house prices or mortgage interest rates.

A multitude of TV programmes now encourage us to spend, spend, spend to move house and do up a property, only to move onto the next one and carry out exactly the same process.

Now though, a wind of change has set in and the property obsession may soon be at an end. Phil and Kirsty might just find themselves out of a job as a new drive to encourage homeowners to stay put and remain settled in their current abodes is afoot.

No more ambling past estate agent windows checking on the latest sales in the area, as a new website has launched promoting the idea of staying in your current home and avoiding the extortionate costs of moving house. is for likeminded people who want to stay put, improve their current homes and encourage others to do the same.

So no more keeping up with the Joneses, now you can just settle for home sweet home.

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