Mothers work 120 hours extra a year

Mothers who work put in an extra 120 hours extra a year

Mothers who work put in the equivalent of an extra 120 hours a year, compared to men a new study has revealed.

Women were found to put in more hours once they arrived home, having to cook, clean and look after the children. The research was conducted at the London School of Economics, and leader Patrick McGovern commented on the findings, ‘The pressures at work have been ramped up over the last 15 years and the effect on women is striking. They are often combining a double workload – motherhood and career.’

He added. ‘If you count the effects of the pressures, how they have increased, and look at their statistical effect, the strain of working like this is equivalent to working an extra 120 hours a year.’

The study concludes that the situation could be greatly helped if legislation is passed to allow women to work more flexible hours.

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