Island goes green with all natural energy

Hebridean island goes self-sufficient with all green energy

A small Hebridean community is set to exist completely on green energy, from a combination of five wind turbines, solar and hydro-electric energy.

The Isle of Eigg, which sits off the coast of Skye, is just six miles long and four miles wide, but will become completely self-sufficient from its environmentally friendly sources.

For many of the 87 residents, this will also be the first time they have had mains electricity, with previous sources such as diesel generators proving unreliable.

Speaking to the Times, Eigg resident Mrs Kirk commented, ‘It’s a massive achievement. The fact that it is all from renewables means that we are going to be seen as a role model for the rest of Britain.”

The unique scheme will see each household receiving a daily five kilowatts of power, meaning that although they will have the means to use all electrical appliances, that they cannot all be used at the same time.

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