Is staying faithful to a partner just a sign of intelligence?

As research shows that men who sleep around are likely to have lower IQs, we ask is this just another convenient excuse for male infidelity...?

The news that love cheats are likely to have a low IQ may be of some comfort to Cheryl Cole as she deals with footballer husband Ashley’s alleged unfaithfulness. 

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist from the London School of Economics and Political Science, said the smarter a man is the less likely he is to stray. His theory is based on the assertion that through evolutionary history, men have always been ‘mildly polygamous’.

But the connection between conventional sexual morality and intelligence is not mirrored in women, it seems. ‘In contrast, whether they were in a monogamous or polygamous marriage, women were always expected to be sexually exclusive to one mate,’ he said.

So should we just accept that some men are ‘stupid‘ and unable to adapt, and end up succumbing to temptation?

And what about women who cheat? What’s their excuse?


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