Is giving birth on Twitter a step too far?

Is posting live updates during the birth of your children informative to others, or a case of over-sharing?

Many people find that micro-blogging is an excellent tool for connecting with consumers, fans, and people with common interests. It’s a great way to share and trade information, and it even helps people keep in touch with friends who live far away.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell where that line is between sharing and over-sharing. Yesterday, Twitter-mad mother, Fi Star-Stone, took the step of tweeting all the way through her 13-hour labour, which was followed by hundreds of excited online friends before she gave birth to baby boy Oscar on Friday afternoon.
Fi, 34, from Stafford, runs a childcare advice website Childcare is Fun, and decided to post updates on her birth as it happened to ‘dispel some of the myths of childbirth’.

She said: ‘I did this to show women them the positive side of childbirth and to show it could be done without pain relief and while tweeting the whole time. I got so many messages of support and it really helped me through – it was a fantastic experience.’

Would you tweet your birth? Do you think that Fi’s actions could really help to dispel any myths of childbirth as she had hoped to? Or do you think people should learn to draw the line about what personal experiences they share online?

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