Increase in violence against women as recession hits

Recession-related domestic violence on increase

Domestic violence has risen over the past year, according to new figures from the Metropolitan Police.

And now the government is taking action in the form of a booklet entitled Real Help Now for Women. The 30-page document published today by the Government Equalities Office, offers advice to women on how to deal with recession-related domestic violence and discrimination from employers.

It has been suggested that, overall, women will be the worst hit by the economic crisis.

The government leaflet provides a summary of benefits available for women, and lists support groups that women can call on if they feel their job or personal safety is under threat.

It states, too, women’s rights in a recession. ‘It is unlawful for your employer to treat you less favourably because of your pregnancy or because you take maternity leave,’ it explains.

Research released by the Equalities Office shows that 24% of men think that in a recession, it ‘makes more sense for people on maternity leave to be made redundant first.’

Minister for women and equality, Harriet Harman, is bringing together ministers, businesswomen and charities today to look at how women are being affected by the recession.


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