Help end suffering in Gaza

Save the Children needs your help - here's how

If you have been following the heartbreaking news about the death and suffering in Gaza and wondered how you could help but not known how, this is your chance.

Despite the fragile ceasefire announced over the weekend, tens of thousands are still homeless and facing shortages of food, medicine and fuel.

The psychological impact on the children of Gaza is immense, with many not knowing how to cope with the life they are now forced to endure.

‘Children have borne the brunt of this conflict. Too many have lost their lives and loved ones. Many more have spent weeks cold, hungry, afraid and deprived of food, clean water and health care,’ Kate Redman, of Save the Children, told us.

‘There is currently a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The ceasefire must be accompanied by complete immediate access for humanitarian agencies. Children and their families have been without basic services for three weeks, including health and education.

‘What is required now is a peaceful and lasting solution so that children may sleep in their own beds without fear, go to school and reach their full potential. We urgently need to help them and their families rebuild their lives.

She added, ‘Save the Children has already prepared thousands of aid parcels in anticipation of getting the green light to enter Gaza and join our colleagues on the ground. However, to meet the enormity of the needs, Save the Children is renewing its appeal for $10 million to be able to scale up sufficiently.’

Do your bit and click here to donate money to the Gaza Appeal.


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