Heather Mills gives $1 million in food aid

Heather Mills donates $1 million in vegetarian food to New York's poorest

Heather Mills has donated $1 million worth of vegetarian food to the disadvantaged children of the South Bronx area of New York City.

The former Mrs McCartney, herself a vegan, made the massive donation on Saturday and turned up at Riverside Park in Hunts Point, one of the South Bronx’s most impoverished neighbourhoods, to help cook some of the food herself, hosting a meat-free barbecue for 1,000 local low-income families.

Mills, who earlier this year won a £24.3 million settlement from Sir Paul McCartney, will provide up to three years’ worth of meatless meats, including soy hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken cutlets to the disadvantaged of the area.

She told the New York Post that she hoped the food would be ‘healthier for the children than the kind of high-fat, starch-filled junk food they often eat’. ‘I wanted to make sure they have as many nutritional advantages as anyone else,’ she said.

Mills became interested in the South Bronx after meeting Maryann Hedda of the Hunts Point Alliance for Children at a fundraising event. Hedda told the New York Post: ‘The reaction in the community to this donation is, “Wow!”‘

Many of those attending the barbecue reportedly did not know who Mills was, but when asked by the New York Daily News, told the paper they were happy that someone was introducing healthy food options to the area.

The Daily News also reported that when asked about her ex-husband’s relationship with American heiress Nancy Shevell, Ms Mills said: ‘I have no thoughts. He has exceptional taste in women. That’s it.’

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