Greenest self-built home sells for £625,000 profit

Couple sell home voted greenest in Britain for profit of £625,000

A FAMILY WHOSE home was voted the greenest in Britain has sold it off with a whopping profit of £625,000.

Aaron and Raphaelle Curtis built their own eco-home on a brownfield site in Lewes, Sussex, which they bought for £60,000, to house their larger-than-average family of ten.

The house, which was honoured with a sustainability award by the Royal Institute of British Architects last year, cut down its carbon footprint by using locally-sourced materials and other green features like solar panels, lambs wool insulation and underfloor heating.

‘We had all the common features to make the house so-called green, with solar panels and a condensing gas boiler, but we also kept down the miles we moved all the materials,’ explains Aaron.

The building costs were just £240,000 and the eco-home has just sold for £865,000.

The couple, who have eight children, are downsizing to a Georgian terrace because some of the kids are planning to fly the eco-nest.

Curtis admits: ‘The Georgians weren’t renowned for their eco-friendliness, bug I’d love to do it again in the future – this time I’d make it zero carbon.’

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