Gordon Brown plastic bag plea

Gordon Brown says supermarkets must charge for plastic bags within year

Supermarkets will be given one year before they must start charging for plastic bags under plans by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The new green government levy will impose a 5p charge on all bags given away by supermarkets next year, if they fail to meet the terms.

The Prime Minister has backed the Daily Mail’s Banish the Bags campaign and made a heartfelt plea to retailers to follow the example of Marks & Spencer by drawing a line under the 13 million free carrier bags currently distributed in the UK.

The bags, which end up in landfill sites, take an estimated 1,000 years to decay.

Mr Brown admitted that he was fallible himself revealing each week he and his wife Sarah are left with a ‘binful of plastic bags’ after their supermarket delivery.

Yesterday, Tesco and Sainsbury’s confirmed they would be following Marks & Spencer’s lead by drawing up plans to reduce the number of plastic bags they give away.

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