Fathers to get six months paternity leave

New fathers will be able to take up to six months leave under new Labour incentive

Doting dads will now have the opportunity to take six months off work to look after their new babies as the latest Labour incentive increases paternity leave.

As of next April fathers will be able to take the place of the mother at home for the last three paid months of her statutory maternity leave, and will then be able to take the remaining three months unpaid instead of the mother.

Harriet Harman, the Equalities Minister believes that this will allow working mothers to return to work quicker and give fathers an opportunity to spend time with their new infants, one that had previously been restricted to mothers.

Ministers hope that the move will help to break Britain’s ‘macho’ culture of men working through the early years of their child’s life.

However businesses are fearful of the effect this could have on the fragile economy, as the change is likely to be logistical and administrative nightmare.

‘In order for businesses to get on with creating jobs, the constant threat of tinkering to employment law – from both parties – must stop.’ Said David Frost, director general of the BCC.

Pat McFadden, the Business Minister, said: ‘The balance between work and family life has changed for the better in the past decade and these changes will give parents the chance to share their leave and will give families a useful element of flexibility and choice.’


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