Eco-trendy Hollywood still major polluter

Eco-trendy Hollywood is still a huge polluter

With A-list actors showing off their hybrid cars to recycled red carpets, Hollywood does a good job of appearing to be ‘green’.

But, a two-year study released by the University of California shows that, in reality, the entertainment industry is one of the biggest polluters in southern California, prompting campaigners to brand its eco-friendly gestures as little more than showy stunts.

It concluded that special effects explosions and vehicle and diesel generator usage makes the entertainment business second only to the oil industry in terms of pullution emissions.

Film and TV production is extremely energy-exhaustive, with massive amounts of

power required to operate lighting rigs, run air-conditioning systems and cameras, and feed huge casts and crews on a regular basis. Add to this the disposable nature of the industry – gigantic sets built from scratch from wood, metal, plastic and paint, then discarded – it’s cooking up a hotpot of earth-shattering ingredients.

Studio executives insist they are responding to the public awareness about climate change.

On Fox’s huge hit drama series 24, the on-set generators now run on a mixture of fuel that is part biodiesel, albeit only 5%.

Another popular green-friendly tactic is to buy carbon credits to offset greenhouse gases released during production.

The recent comedy Evan Almighty funded the planting of 2,000 trees to ‘zero out’ its greenhouse gas production.

But some campaigners insist this idea is futile.

Actor and veteran environmental campaigner, Ed Begley Jr, told the Telegraph: ‘If you’re going to drive around in a big ol’ Hummer and then buy carbon offsets to mitigate that, that’s like getting drunk on the weekends and throwing some money through the window of an AA meeting and thinking you’re doing something.’

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