Doctor urges time limit on abortions to be cut

Top doctor calls for abortion time limit to be shorter

A TOP DOCTOR HAS CALLED for the time limit on abortions for ‘social’ reasons to be cut from 24 week to 16 weeks. Dr Vincent Argent, the former medical director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, has urged for the time limit to be cut for women whose health is not seriously at risk.

Dr Argent yesterday submitted a written report to the Commons science and technology committee, in which he stated, ‘Recent public opinion polls suggest that the public would like to see improved and easier access for early abortion but that the upper limit should be reduced, or that later abortions should be subject to greater counselling and stricter approval criteria.’

Dr Argent raised concern that GPs were too often signing abortion consent forms without even seeing patients, and even sometimes passed the paper work after the abortion had taken place. To make the process easier and more effective he called for just one signature to be needed, rather than the current two, for abortions before 13 weeks.

The report will now be put to the Commons who will decide whether the time-limit on social abortions should be lowered.

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