Chin implants latest surgery boom

Breast surgery, liposuction and now chin implants. Are women and men going to far to achieve perfection?

Chin implants are the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery with a 71 per cent increase since 2010.

Statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons claim the surprising phenomenon is sparked by an increasing use of video chat technology and desire for success in the workplace.

‘The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of aging,’ says ASPA President Malcolm Z. Roth. ‘People are considering chin augmentation as a way to restore their youthful look just like a facelift or eyelid surgery.’

‘Chin implants can make a dramatic difference,’ he says. But are women and men taking cosmetic surgery too far to hide the signs of aging or achieve a job promotion in the workplace?

‘We know that CEOs tend to be tall, attractive , good looking people,’ says ASPA surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell. ‘People subconsciously associate a stronger chin with more authority, self-confidence and self-worth.’

Plastic surgeons have not just seen a boom in chin implants in 2011 but also a 49 per cent increase in lip augmentation, seven per cent increase in soft tissue fillers and a 5 per cent increase in facelifts.

Do you think cosmetic surgery is causing people to lose their perception on aging or perhaps you think there is no harm in being able to alter your body to improve you appearance or chances of career success?

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