Can a cheater ever change?

As Cheryl Cole reportedly takes a pause to think before starting divorce proceedings we ask should Ashley be given a second chance and can an unfaithful partner really ever change?

Having announced her separation from her husband last month after he was accused of being unfaithful, Cheryl Cole has still not filed for divorce.

The Girls Aloud star, 26, seems torn over what to do. ‘Cheryl has decided to take a deep breath and wait before she makes a final decision,’ the News of the World quoted a close pal as saying. 

‘Deep down, she knows the marriage should be over. But her love for Ashley hasn’t gone. She’s going to take a few months before she starts any formal proceedings. That will be after the World Cup and it gives Ashley a bit of a reprieve,’ the pal added. 

Ashley seems to believe his marriage can be saved: The People reports that Cole is still hopeful that the pair can work on their relationship and has allegedly offered to go to marriage counselling sessions.

‘He is saying that until the day Cheryl serves divorce papers on him, the marriage is there to be saved,’ a source said. ‘He is thinking that because she hasn’t got lawyers involved yet, she will back down and welcome him back.’

Is it possible for a cheater to turn things around, or is Ashley being deluded into thinking he stands another chance?

Can a love-rat really ever change? If Cheryl was your friend, what would you advise her to do?


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