Brits waste third of food

Families throw away a third of all food they buy

British families throw away a third of all the food they buy, according to a new study.

The huge extent of food waste has been exposed with figures indicating the nation bins 4.4 million apples every single day of the year.

Altogether, 6.7 million tons of food that was once edible is discarded and 40% of it is fresh fruit and vegetables. The money spent on uneaten food comes to a whopping £3 billion a year.

The survey of over 2,000 householders showed that although we are buying more fruit and veg in an attempt to fulfil the recommended five portions a day, we fail to eat the produce before it goes off.

According to waste reduction experts, WRAP: ‘The main reason we throw so much out is we simply do not eat it before it goes off. We could be making the problem worse by not storing fruit and vegetables in the best place once we bring it home from the shops.’

Research carried out with Sainsbury’s found that putting fresh produce in the fridge increases its life by up to a fortnight.

WRAP has set up a new campaign named Love Food Hate Waste, aimed at persuading families to think about how much food they buy and how they store it.

The organisation’s chief executive Dr Liz Goodwin said: ‘By following some simple tips and advice we can all be saving money as well as helping the environment.’

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