Ban on health professionals with HIV to be lifted?

The Department of Health is reviewing whether a ban preventing HIV-positive doctors and dentists from practicing should now be lifted

Thirty years after the virus was discovered the stigma and secrecy attached to HIV and AIDS appears the same, however occupational discriminations will now be reviewed.

The Department of Health
has announced that discussions will take place as to whether doctors, dentists and other health professionals who suffer from HIV or AIDS should be allowed to practice once again.

Research shows that high levels of infection control and the correct medication could help prevent the virus spreading, but the Department of Health determined that any proposal to lift the current ban is carried out with sensitivity to public opinion.

In the past 12 years there have been more than 25 cases in which patients have been exposed to an HIV-positive health professional with not one patient coming to harm.

The decision to review the legislation comes after The Department of Health’s expert group and the
UK Advisory Panel for Healthcare
concluded that the risks involved could not justify the ban.

America, Australia and most of Europe have lifted the restriction so should the UK be next? Let us know your thoughts below.


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