An African adventure

Support one woman’s brave cycling mission

Thought Race for Life was hard? Try cycling from one end of Africa to another!

That’s exactly what a group of friends are doing to raise funds for Millenium Promise, a charity set up by former World Bank economist and current head of the Earth Institute, Jeffrey Sachs. Its mission? To work with local villages in Africa to support the meeting of the Millenium Development goals.

The gung-ho cycling group includes five men (two South Africans and three Irishmen) and one particularly brave woman, Diane Francis, who not only has to face life on the road with just a bunch of boys for company, but also cultural barriers that don’t often see African women riding bikes.

The courageous crowd have been power-peddling since January on a route that started on the East coast of Africa in Cairo and will finish in Cape Town in South Africa.

The aim is to provide £300,000 for the project, half of which has already been raised.

Diane has been writing a blow-by-blow account of the exciting trip in her and you can support them and see their snaps at her

Go on, support a lone cycling sister!

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