America Ferrera backs Clinton

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera backs Hillary Clinton in presidential race

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is lending her support to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The actress’s decision to publicly back Clinton is being seen as a key win for the presidential candidate, bringing with it the potential for thousands more Hispanic votes.

In a statement, the former Marie Claire cover girl said: ‘This election is too important to stand on the sidelines, especially for my generation. I believe that Hillary Clinton can turn this country around.’

There are 18 million Hispanic voters living in America and nearly all the prospective candidates are canvassing them hard.

While Clinton has been touring Nevada on her ‘Juntos con Hillary, Una Vida Mejor’ (Together With Hillary, a Better Life) tour, Barack Obama has been chanting ‘Sí, se puede; sí, se puede; sí, se puede!’ (Yes, we can!) before rallies in Nevada.

Hillary has also attacked Republican plans to deport all of the US’s 12 million illegal immigrants, calling it a logistical impossibility. ‘I think Americans would put up with that for a nanosecond,’ she said. ‘Let’s get real here. That will never happen.’

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