30-something women spend more on luxury, ethically-sourced items

Why high fashion equals high ethics for Marie Claire readers

Thirty-something women’s eco credentials are higher than ever, according to a new survey, conducted by Cool To Care for Marie Claire’s June ‘Eco-Chic’ issue.

The results of the survey show an overwhelming sense that the average 30-something woman is part of the growing trend to make small differences and considered choices to better the world around us.

Almost 3,000 women were quizzed about their consumer habits and a massive 80% admitted they are willing to spend more on designer products if they know they are ethically sourced. The figure proves the growing backlash against throwaway fashion, in favour of buying less, but better quality items.

Ethically sourced goods are on the minds of 60% of women who said that the amount they spend on fair trade products has risen significantly in the last year.

Women have also taken on board the smaller and more achievable steps to caring about our environment with a whopping 89% saying they regularly recycle, 40% driving less and taking public transport instead and 75% taking their own reusable bags to the supermarket.

Marie O?Riordan, editor of Marie Claire commented on the findings saying: ‘Our survey shows that women now combine ethics with aesthetics when they shop. Even in the current financial climate women are making informed choices, spending on fair trade or giving to charity to make a difference.’

The Cool to Care survey has been commissioned for the June eco-chic issue of Marie Claire – on sale on Thursday 1 May

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