24 hours until the EU Ref and a bunch of young women are spreading love not fear

As the countdown to voting begins, a heart-warming social media campaign kicks off

What’s with all the negativity, people? This past week has been proof enough that bad things happen in the world far too often that we can’t control. So it’s disappointing that a democratic vote as to whether we should remain in Europe or leave the EU should have turned into such a sour war of words. Pretty cool news then that a bunch of young, politically-engaged women have decided enough is enough.

Disillusioned with the in-fighting and tacky poster campaigns flying around, they have instead started dropping a bunch of social media love bombs with the heartening new WE ARE campaign, encouraging young people to vote and share their optimism for the future.

With 75% of under 40s expected to vote to remain in the EU, the social media campaign is already gathering momentum on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation and share the love with #wearein #incrowd #turnup

Check out the campaign here

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