YouTube’s best fashion and beauty bloggers

Introducing the next generation of Zoellas and Tanya Burrs...

The world of YouTube’s fashion and beauty bloggers is pretty huge: It’s no secret that vlogging has completely taken off in the last few years, with the likes of Tanya Burr, Zoella and The Pixiwoo Sisters becoming household names thanks to their YouTube pages. Trying to make it as a YouTube sensation might seem like quite the alternative career path, but you can be really successful providing you know what you’re doing. Seriously, have you seen how much your favourite beauty vloggers actually earn?

In a list compiled by Social Circle, these 10 vloggers are the ‘ones to watch’ when it comes to the next generation of internet stars, becoming more and more popular every day. The top 10 are performing amazingly when it comes to their increase in user engagement – in other words, people just can’t stop watching their videos.

Scroll through to find out why and discover your new favourite YouTuber…

Bethany Leigh
Tootsie Time

According to her page, she loves sharing good deals, tips and tricks, and singing and dancing are her passion. She vlogs about all things fashion and beauty, as well as sharing her personal experiences in a series called ‘Story Time’.
Katie Snooks
Hollie Wakeham

Ninja Fairy
Rosanna Pierce
Sophie Foster
Miss Alex
Rachel Jeffreys

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