The Pixiwoo Sisters On The Brilliance Of Their New Real Techniques Brushes

The online sensations talk YouTube and their new range of Real Techniques brushes.

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The online sensations talk YouTube and their new range of Real Techniques brushes.

Together, sisters Nicola Haste and Samantha Chapman (known collectively as Pixiwoo) are one of YouTube’s biggest success stories. Trained make-up artists and beauty entrepreneurs, their line of Real Techniques brushes are loved around the globe and their newest offerings – the Bold Metals Collection – are set to become just as loved. Marie Claire caught up with the duo at their latest launch.

MC: You’ve been on YouTube for a while now. What do you love about it?

S&N: 'You have to be yourself – there’s no faking it on YouTube. It’s a bit like being in the Big Brother house; it exposes you to everything. It’s welcoming and every single person has a voice on there. Young people who are just finding out who they are can share their stories and meet people who have things in common. So in that way it’s a great platform for people to share their talent and discover other talented people.'

MC: Are there any downsides to YouTube?

S&N: 'You could do a TV show and people at home might be sitting there watching it and saying "Sam looks awful!", but you would never hear about it. On YouTube people can comment whatever they want. It’s nice on the one hand that people have a voice but sometimes you don’t want to hear about it. In a way, all feedback is good, however, we’ve had to become thick skinned to some of the comments. Sometimes people can forget that the people behind the videos are human.'

MC: What are the most challenging aspects to being on YouTube?

S&N: 'Keeping up with technology and how fast everything is moving. We’ve worked our way through so many cameras - maybe 10 or even 15 - and the sound and lighting set-up are an absolute killer if you don’t know what you’re doing. We do everything ourselves, so keeping up to date with editing and software can be tricky – in particular showing colours accurately on camera when you’re using lighting is really difficult.'

MC: What do you love about make-up?

S&N: 'Make-up is what each person wants it to be. We love how it can show your personality, hide imperfections or hide you a little when you’re feeling less than confident, essentially it can completely change the way you think. Some people think make-up is purely superficial, but for women, we feel good when we look good.'

MC: We love your Real Techniques brushes. Tell us a little about the new collection.

S&N: 'Our new Bold Metals Collection covers eyes, base and cheeks and they’re easy to decipher; the silver handles are for your eyes, the gold ones are for your base and the rose gold will serve as your blusher and contour. They’re weighted for comfort and the handles are tapered so they won’t roll off the table, which is normally a huge bug for make-up artists. We’ve mimicked real hair with synthetic bristles so you can use them with creams, powders and liquids – something you can’t do with real hair brushes.' Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection are available from Boots with prices ranging from £10 to £25.

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