Water Cooler Chat: From Taylor Swift's political statement to that Great British Bake Off controversy

Here's the news you missed over the weekend...

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Here's the news you missed over the weekend...

Missed the news this weekend? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

Here are some news stories you probably should have heard about to help you survive the dreaded Monday (or this week, with the bank holiday) Tuesday morning ‘water cooler chat’ at the office.

In this Water Cooler Chat, we cover everything from Taylor Swift's political statement to the Great British Bake Off controversy - it’s been an eventful weekend.

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Taylor Swift's political statement

Taylor Swift is one of the most talked-about women in the world, but only recently has the singer voiced her political standpoint, opening up about her previous silence this week in an interview with the Guardian.

‘I come from country music,’ the 29-year-old explained in the interview. ’The number one thing they absolutely drill into you as a country artist, and you can ask any other country artist this, is ‘Don’t be like the Dixie Chicks!”’

She continued: ‘I watched country music snuff that candle out, the most amazing group we had, just because they talked about politics. And they were getting death threats. They were made such an example that basically every country artist that came after that, every label tells you, “Just do not get involved, no matter what.”

‘I hate to admit this, but I felt that I wasn’t educated enough on it. Because I hadn’t actively tried to learn about politics in a way that I felt was necessary for me, making statements that go out to hundreds of millions of people.’

Going on to reflect on the current situation, she explained: 'I can’t believe we’re here. It’s really shocking and awful. And I just wanna do everything I can for 2020. I wanna figure out exactly how I can help, what are the most effective ways to help. Cause this is just…This is not it.’

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Prince Andrew breaks his silence on Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew made news this weekend as he finally addressed his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, 66-year-old multimillionaire businessman and registered sex offender who died in an apparent suicide this month.

Epstein was being held without bail on charges of sex trafficking girls (some as young as 14), with the financier also making news this month for reportedly using his business relationship with Leslie Wexner, CEO of the L Brands, to take advantage of aspiring Victoria’s Secret models.

Prince Andrew’s name has been linked to Epstein’s recently after footage emerged reportedly showing the Royal in Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in 2010.

‘The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged crimes,’ read a statement from Buckingham Palace. ‘His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.’

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The Great British Bake Off line up controversy

The Great British Bake Off is returning this month, with the TV show teasing their 2019 series on social media. Prue, Paul, Sandi and Noel are returning to the helm, but its their contestants that are making the most noise.

Channel 4's 13 new bakers are the youngest ever, with seven people in their 20s and the oldest being 56.

The show returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday 27 August.

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Lady Gaga is rumoured to be in a new relationship

Lady Gaga split from her fiancé Christian Carino earlier this year, with speculation that their engagement had been called off spreading since the singer was spotted at the Grammys without her sparkler.

Taking to her Instagram this week, the singer fuelled rumours that she was in a new relationship, posting a photograph of her smelling a rose from a bouquet, alongside the caption: 'Italians cook with love'.

Lady Gaga's reps explained of the break up back in March, via PEOPLE: ‘It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end. There’s no long dramatic story.’

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