And the most popular emoji is… (drum roll please)

Guys, you didn't let us down

Emojis normal
Emojis normal
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Guys, you didn't let us down

The language of emoji is so pervasive that we no longer need spoken word, or even real life feelings, to convey emotion. Feeling happy? There’s an emoji for that. Sad? Weepy emoji cat has your back. Feeling like shit? Yep, the poo emoji will effectively communicate what traditional words cannot.

Thanks to Twitter, we have just discovered another immeasurably important, culturally shifting, fact about linguistics. Just as each country displays indigenous language quirks, so too does Language Emoji.

The social media giant has just worked out the most used emoji around the world, country by country. And the results make a lot of sense.

The U.K.’s most used emoji – on Twitter – is, drum roll please… the despairing crying face. This is also the case for Canada and the Unites States, not really surprising with everything that’s going on in the world right now.

Here’s a lovely infographic that outlines the world’s most used emoji – Italy and France are staunchly playing up to their stereotype and throwing out the heart emoji at any given opportunity (FYI, Twitter also found out that there are more full heart emojis tweeted than broken heart ones. Love is alive!)

Mexico and India are all about being blessed, or giving out high 5’s, depending on how you read emoji. Which is a complex thing, seeing as you've probably been using the sassy girl emoji all wrong.

But of course, the most important takeout from this is the most tweeted food emoji. Heads up, it’s cake, followed by pizza. Inexplicably, third on the list is the strawberry. Which until now, we forgot even existed. We prefer the cherries.

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