Breaking news: You’ve been using the sassy girl emoji all wrong

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  • Apparently, she might not be sassy at all.

    Stop what you’re doing, and definitely don’t send that message yet; you may have made a monumental error concerning the sassy girl emoji in the pink jumper.

    Need to issue a major brag about your awesome hair day? Sassy girl emoji. Just nailed it at the gym and need to smug-share? Sassy girl emoji. Shutdown a troll on Twitter or Instagram? Oh yes, sassy girl emoji… right?

    Actually no.

    According to what might just be today’s most shocking news, the sassy girl emoji might not actually be sassing-out at all. That’s not a one-handed shoulder shrug in the style of Beyonce.

    beyonce does a sassy girl emoji impression

    Talk to the hand (source: giphy)

    So what on earth is she doing? Well, weirdly that’s still up for debate.

    Unicode, the makers of our beloved emojis, describe the one-hand-up pink lady as an ‘Information Desk Person’. Hmmm.

    But a new theory has just come to light, after Canadian event planner Jessi Stern went public with her emoji musings on Facebook.

    Duly notifying the world of her potential discovery, Jessi wrote:

    ‘ALERT: Everyone I am a genius. It is 1:13 in the morning and I have to go to work tomorrow but I found out the meaning behind [sassy pink emoji girl]. It is part 2 of [haircut pink emoji girl]. Look, in the hair cutting one she has long hair that gets cut at her shoulders and then she’s showing it off!!!! There is meaning to everything in life. Thank you for your time. Carry on.’

    Yes, that’s right, it’s a real OMG moment. Take a few minutes to really look at those emjois – Jessi really could right, couldn’t she?

    Taylor Swift screaming about sassy girl wmoji meaning

    Us right now (source: giphy)

    Before you slip into a cold sweat about which emoji could possibly replace the supposed sass factor of ‘had a haircut’ emoji girl however, hear us out.

    Whether she’s had a haircut or not, it could still be a total sass moment. She may love that new bob as much Miranda Kerr appears to now love hers, and who wouldn’t humble brag about that?

    Having weighed up the evidence – and we really have thought around all the issues – we’re still going to use our beloved bobbed hero as the ultimate depiction of feeling sassy. Haircut theory or not.

    Who’s with us?

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