The Breast Shape Dictionary: Which Of These 7 Breast ‘Types’ Do You Have?

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  • These illustrations by lingerie brand Thirdlove have narrowed down breast types into 7 key shapes

    Does anyone enjoy bra shopping? Anyone? There are always fit issues, and more often than not you emerge from the changing room covered in a layer of anxious sweat, tangled in bra straps and in possession of nothing you want to purchase.

    It’s enough to make you want to go braless forever. At least until you recall all those worrisome stories about the dragging and tissue tearing that occurs if you do any vigorous activity unsupported…

    So back to the tricky task of dressing your boobs – even if you’ve been professionally measured this sizing doesn’t necessarily translate across all brands and styles. Why, oh why!?

    But now Thirdlove, a Silicon Valley start-up committed to making bra-fitting easier, is trying to streamline the process. Using Thirdlove’s mobile app you can fit yourself at home, using photos of yourself in a supportive bra and tight-fitting top. Yup, that means you don’t have to go to a department store and have your breasts assessed by another human (which can be stressful).

    And as part of its comprehensive, online bra fitting service Thirdlove has identified seven different types of breast and illustrated them so you can figure out which category yours fit in to – and which styles of bras are likely to best suit you. USEFUL.

    The Breast Shape Dictionary is very interesting, acknowledging that cup size and back measurement are not the only things that matter when it comes to finding a bra that fits well. Boobs have all sorts of other important charecteristics – like nipple position and space between, which impact which style will work best for you.

    Behold, the Breast Shape Dictionary!

    Round – equally full at the top and bottom

    East West – nipples pointing outward

    Side Set – wide space between breasts

    Asymmetric – one breast larger than the other

    Bell Shape – slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom

    Slender – thin breasts, nipples pointing downward

    Tear Drop – round but slightly less full at the top

    The Thirdlove website recommends bra styles to suit each type of breast.

    TOP TIP: a T-shirt bra is the hero of the bra world – it works well for all breast shapes. Like the denim of the bra world, if you will – failsafe.

    Also, Thirdlove is a US-based but the company ships to the UK for a fee.

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